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We don't juggle sellers and buyers. Our undivided attention ensures you get the best deal and find the perfect home.

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Dedicated Exclusively to Buyers

100% committed to serving the needs and interests of homebuyers like you. Experience a buyer-centric approach that sets us apart.

What makes us special?
Dedicated Exclusively to Buyers

Are you buying real estate in Croatia?

We represent, and fight for your interest only. Other agencies represent the seller and buyer. Isn't that crazy?

Why is it crazy?
Are you buying real estate in Croatia?

ALBA works only with buyers

Our only interest is to make you happy. We will work hard to get the best deal for you possible.

We really mean it! We are Buyer's agents and work only in the interest of the buyer.

We help international investors find local opportunities.

ImageWhat makes us special?

Investing in Croatia is easy with ALBA!

With you from start to finish

You will always have the answer for any questions and challanges during the life of your investment.
Define the property
Define the property
Search local channels
Search local channels
Inspect and Buy
Inspect and Buy
¨Develope and Renovate
¨Develope and Renovate
Managing your Investment
Managing your Investment
What, where and why?


We find the optimal investment based on your input, capital and ROI

Finding the optimal investment can be hard. Even harder when looking in Croatia. Well, we have experience with the local customs and deal making process and offer that expertise to your advantage.
The Deal

Negotiations are our bread and butter

We negotiate the terms in your favor, every time!

No matter who is on the other side, rest assured you have an advantage with our team of negotiators who are at your disposal for every investment you intend to make in Croatia.

We do the hard part

ALBA property planning and development

We manage all your planning and construction needs

With our renovation service, you no longer have to deal with plumbers, carpenters, construction workers. We help you plan and execute your renovation.

Maintenance & Renting

ALBA property managment

Passive income is just a click away

We manage your investment. From maintenance to renting, we got you covered!

Our partners

DID YOU KNOW? ALBA covers all your construction needs

We have partners specialized in all areas of construction always ready to take on new projects!

Interior Designers
Tile setters
Civil Engineers